Religious and Scientific Philosophy

God already knows that I am going to commit a sin even before I know I am going to commit it. So that must apparently mean that I was predestined to commit that sin, so why should I ask for forgiveness for it or why should I be punished for my actions if my whole life was predetermined even before I was born.

This brings up the philosophy of deism. Deism is the religious philosophical concept that when God first created the universe he wound up the whole universe like a great big clock and went beyond the boundaries of the universe and he is letting everything slowly unwind by itself. Therefore it is dangerous blasphemy against the science of the universe to pray to God and change anything because if anything in this universe happens that is the way God wanted it to be.

If you are familiar with the theory of the Big Bang, there is another theory which is the exact opposite of that called the Big Crunch theory. It basically states that if gravity eventually manages to grab hold of the boundaries of the universe the universe will stop expanding and do the exact opposite and start to contract and the pieces and matter of the universe will eventually start to come back together and time will start to go backwards. Who knows, maybe the Big Bang has already happened ten to one hundred times and I have sat here at this very computer and written this exact same essay ten to one hundred times or maybe even more than that even. And it will be just a constant repeated process over and over and over again. But yes Religious and Scientific philosophy is a very interesting subject and it has boggled the minds of philosophers for hundreds and even thousands of years.

The main question that has stirred up not only the minds of philosophers but also the minds of common average man is simply this, “What happens to us after we die and leave this world”? Well fact of the matter is simply this, there is only one down that road and so far throughout human history no man or woman has been able to bring that road back and tell us what they saw after they died. Because I will admit one thing, I have a very hard time believing near death experiences. The ancient pagans in Greece and pre Christian era Rome had very similar beliefs of the after life like ours. They believed if you were a good person you went to a heavenly paradise called the Elysium Fields or otherwise known as the land of the blessed. If you were an evil person you went to a fiery horrible place known as Hades where you were tortured and tormented for eternity.

Than of course you have your atheists, who do not believe in any spiritual being or after life at all whatsoever. Sigmund Freud himself, who was a hardcore atheist, once wrote an article of how religion began. Basically what he said in this article was that in ancient prehistoric times around the times of the ancient Neanderthal man. Prehistoric men did not have the scientific advancements nor the scientific knowledge to explain the world around them. So they made up stories or myths and started worshiping nature gods to explain their strange mysterious unknown world. But now that science has gotten advanced enough we are able to usually make a logical explanation for everything through natural earth science and we do realize that a divine supreme creator or a nature spirits are not the ones controlling the earth.

I am not necessarily saying I am an atheist. But I am starting to wonder that if the God or divine supreme creator that we worship to this day is actually a scientific being rather than a spiritual one or maybe even both. Maybe God was the one behind the Big Bang. Maybe God was the one behind evolution if evolution is how we got here.

It very well could be possible that this divine supreme being in charge of this universe created and controls this universe through natural earth and space science and through biological natural sciences.

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