The Ancient Religion of Hinduism

Hinduism is the most ancient of the 12 great religions of the world. It is a beautiful religious faith full of awe and wonder. Unlike the other of the great religions of the world. The Hindus are polytheists, meaning they worship multiple gods and goddesses. Brahman is the supreme Hindu god and overall of the Hindu pantheon.

There are two trinities of the Hindu faith, which are the three Hindu gods and the three Hindu goddesses or wives. Krishna is the eighth divine incarnation of Vishnu, the second god of the first Hindu trinity. Krishna is one of the most popular deities worshipped in Hinduism. Krishna is to the Hindus as Jesus Christ is to the Christians. According to the Hindu Legend, Krishna came down to earth as a human baby to be crucified and die for the sake of mankind. Yes you heard that right, Krishna was also crucified and died for mankind just like Jesus did.

Now back to the principal of the double Hindu trinity. That brings us to the Star of David. Two triangles linked together, one upside down and the other right side up. It originally was a symbol of Hinduism that represented that three Hindu gods Brahman, Vishnu, and Shiva and the three Hindu goddesses or the wives. The Jews adopted the six pointed star from the Hindus and transformed it into the Star of David. But originally the six pointed star was the symbol for the double trinity of Hinduism. Most people do not realize that and it is a very little known fact. But it is true.

Lakshmi, the wife of Vishnu, is the goddess of love, riches, and prosperity. She is known as the most beautiful goddess of the Hindu pantheon. She is usually depicted standing on top of a huge lotus flower in the middle of the ocean pouring gold coins on top of her followers. She is blessing her people with earthly riches and gold and prosperity.

There is an elephant headed god in the Hindu faith known as Ganesh. There is a story in the hindu scriptures of how he got that elephants head. One time the wife of Shiva, Parvati, wanted to take a perfumed bath. So she told her son, Ganesh, to guard the front door so no one would walk in on her. So he started guarding the door when her husband Shiva finally arrived home. Ganesh did not recognize his father and would not let him enter so Shiva finally cut off his son Ganesh’s head and walked in the house. Parvati was furious with her husband Shiva. She told him with great anger and rage to go out and the first animal that he sees to kill it and cut off it’s head and put the head on the shoulders of their son Ganesh so he will come back to life again. And as the story goes, the first animal that Shiva saw was an elephant. So he cut off the elephant’s head and put it on the shoulders of his son Ganesh and he came back to life and Ganesh has had that elephant’s head ever since.

One of the main and most well doctrines of Hinduism is the cycle of rebirth and reincarnation. The Hindus believe that we are reborn on this earth many times. There is also another doctrine that is related to this known as karma. In other words, what goes around comes around. The Hindus say that whatever actions you took in your previous life affects what happens in your next life when you are reborn again. That is why in India there is a Hindu class system. There are four to five different ranks to the class system. The highest class are the Hindu priests, the second to the highest is the military. The two lowest classes are the farmers and the servants.

There is another class which I guess you could say is the absolute lowest but they are actually outcasts of the society so they do not even belong to the class system. They are known as the untouchables and they are the lowest of the low. The Hindus believe that whatever class you are born in is because of how good or bad of a person you were in your most recent previous life. If you were a really bad person and did evil things in your next life you will be born as an untouchable. But if you live an almost perfect life and do almost nothing but good things in your next life you will be born at the top of the class system and you will be born a priest.

That is a brief overview of the beautiful religious faith of Hinduism. As you can see it is a very interesting faith and I myself have always been fascinated by it. It is the oldest religion in the world and hopefully it will live on until the end of time.

3 thoughts on “The Ancient Religion of Hinduism

  1. Krsna was not crucified. Where did u get that bogus information? At the end of his eartly pastimes he left the world on his own will. Some stories claim tha hunter shot an arow in his heal and he left the world after that. The truth is his pastimes ended and he withdraw from this world leaving the story of the hunter to confuse the unfaithful.

  2. My humble request for the writers and editors to do basic research before publishing articles, especially religious ones, in this especially sensitive world. 1. Krishna was not
    ” crucified”. 2. Karma does not translate to “what goes around , cones around”. 3.
    Caste does not work along high or low society lines.
    Concepts and practices in Hinduism, have been gravely misinterpreted and misrepresented by the West to suit their cause. Religion should eradicate the handicap of the mind and heart and lead one to self introspection, which should eventually make one realise that there is no better or worse religion..all lead to God, only different paths..

  3. What a misinterpretation of Hinduism is presented here !!! Krishna and Jesus Christ have nothing in common as such. Krishna did not die by crucification neither did he come to the world to suffer for man kind. He came to re-establish the balance between good and evil as he declares in Geeta. Secondly, caste system has nothing to do with Karma. It was first established so people born with specific skills can hone their abilities and contribute to the society as per their personal nature and characteristics. As it happens with any society, at some point in time Brahmins and Kshatriyas came to dominate the society and other casts got exploited and oppressed. The origin of the caste system has nothing to do with Hindu spirituality.

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